Our range of benches counts more than 30 references of benches for training all the muscular groups ; from the flat bench to the tilting benches or with foot rest for pareur.
It covers also the storage equipment as the dumbbells rest or the barbell rack

Lying press bench
Lying press bench
Incline press bench 
Decline bench
Incline press bench 
Biceps bench
Flat abdominal
Anatomic abdo
Abdominal bench 
Lower incline bench
Back extension
Flat bench
Rowing bench
Multipress 7°
200kg Multipress
Squat cage
Inversion machine
Crunch bench
Curved bench 
Dips/chinning bar
Squat rack 
Vertical barbell rack
Horizontal barbell rack 
Repose halteres
Vertical dumbbell rack 
Plate holder