In the NEXT range, Multiform has integrated its patented CONEX system. 
The NEXT TOUCH range is the digital screen version of the NEXT range ; it is the most successful version of the range because it takes the features of the NEXT MATIC range, adding all the possibilities of the digital screen :
- programming CONEX system on the screen : the adherent has a concentric/eccentric training with much more precision
- bigger load possibilities, using integrated digital screen
- training follow-up, number of series, repetitions, amplitude of the movement on the screen
- choice of training : strength, endurance, weight loss...
- programming can always be done on the machine (integrated NEXT MATIC)
The feeling is felt according to the degree of programmed compensation : if the compensation chosen is 0%, the training stays the same as on a conventional machine, with the same load two-way trip ; with 70% load compensation, for a weight, for example, of 20kg in the outward movement, the return movement will be 54kg.

Eccentric technology has been known and recognized for a long time ; it was difficult until then, to implent it on the guided load machines.
Long pulley
Lat pulley
Abdominal crunch
Leg extension
Horizontal leg press
45° leg press 
Standing calf raise
Dev horizontal
Convergent rowing machine
Incline/lying convergent chest press
Lying lower back
Triceps dips